Dominique Johnson for the People of the 143rd

A Fierce Advocate for Norwalk and Westport

A leader who listens to others and fights for what is right.

Norwalk and Westport’s 143rd District boundary has changed.

Do I live in the 143rd?

Together We Can

Ensure Quality of Life for All

From pandemic recovery to everyday decisions that impact our livelihoods, we must center equity, act decisively guided by data and community input, and plan for a bright tomorrow for us all.

Mitigate Climate Change

We need to continue prioritizing green initiatives to safeguard Norwalk and Westport from the effects of climate change. We must be more proactive in planning for a climate resilient future, which means continuing to build on the movement’s momentum in Hartford.

Fight for What’s Right

I believe government should be responsive to the needs of residents, accessible to all, and a force for good in our diverse community where we share concern and care for each other.

Paid for by Friends of Dominique Johnson 2022. Pam Parkington, Treasurer. Approved by Dominique Johnson.

Our mailing address is 12 Old Saugatuck Road, Norwalk, CT 06855